Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2015 Goals: How Did I Do?

This update is obviously quite overdue. I haven't been as consistent with this blogging thing as I'd planned. And having a baby girl is a real time suck. I wouldn't go back in time for anything. Being a dad is the best. Overall, 2015 was an epic year. I may or may not have achieved what I wanted, but it will be one for my personal history book.

1) Earn $16,000 of dividends: At the start of the year, my portfolio was set to earn $12,961 of dividends in the coming 12 months. I ended up earning $15,987 during the year. Just $13 short! Ouch! If achieving this goal was a yes/no, I clearly failed. But seeing as $13 is not that much money - and I invested large sums of money, I'm calling this one a win. A technical loss, but a real-life win.
2) Have my portfolio set to earn $20,000 dividends in 2016: At the end of 2016, my portfolio was set to achieve $19,319 of dividends in 2016. Again, this is just short of my goal. So another technical loss. But in real life, I will have nearly $20k of dividends pouring into my account in the next 12 months. That's an epic success. Especially considering I was set to only receive $12,961 a year prior.

3) Sleep at least half of my daily commute: Plain and simple didn't happen because I didn't need the sleep. The baby had a pretty solid sleep schedule and my wife was a saint in allowing me to sleep and taking care of the baby in the middle of the night.
4) Weigh 190 pounds by Thanksgiving: Haha. What a joke. I actually gained weight throughout 2015 and the gains continued through the new year. I maxed out weighing 207lbs. Since then, my wife and I have done a few rounds of Whole30 and I'm now down to 188lbs. It's a great diet and I highly recommend it if you're looking to lose weight and learn how to eat right. We're not super strict anymore, but the lessons have stuck with us. We no longer eat Pop Tarts for breakfast as they're empty calories. It's now bananas and almonds. Sort of the same story for every meal.

5) Earn side hustle revenues of $1,200: I made just $180 on the side in 2015.
Overall, I failed each goal. That's pretty sad. Focusing on the positive, I was within $13 of my $16k goal. I grew my dividend income by over $6k in 2015. And I'm eating healthier. Most importantly, I have a healthy baby and a wonderful wife. I loved 2015 in almost every way. 2016 has a lot to compete with, but I think it may end up winning...more to come.

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