Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Goals: Q2 Progress: The Mid-Year Update

I think I set a pretty good mix of goals this year. The financial ones will be real stretches to hit. The personal ones will take commitment over time. And the 5th goal will take a mix of creativity and commitment coupled with a bit of luck. How have I done in hitting these marks through the first half of 2015?

1) Earn $16,000 of dividends: I earned $3581.24 in dividends during the quarter and have earned $7,080.92 so far this year. The Kraft/Heinz Merger will give me an additional $1,650 of dividends during Q3. I'm going to beat the $16,000 goal because of this huge dividend.

2) Have my portfolio set to earn $20,000 dividends in 2016: I'm still sitting below $14,000 of dividends over the next 12 months. It'll be quite a bit of work to hit this goal, but a few dividend increases and continued purchases could get me close. My current projections have me earning about $20k during 2016 with steady purchases over the next 4 quarters. I'll need to invest more rapidly to get there by year end 2015, but I'm waiting for a big pullback in the market with my cash.

3) Sleep at least half of my daily commute: I'm not a natural napper. Once I'm up, I'm up for the day. My wife has summer's off as a teacher, so she's been a great team player and letting me get good sleep at night. Thus, it seems my estimated need to sleep during the commute was overblown. We'll see what happens when school resumes in August.

4) Weigh 190 pounds by Thanksgiving: No loss. I love food. I've actually held steady this year at about 205lbs, so no damage done. And I think I look fine at this weight. Maybe I'm making excuses.

5) Earn side hustle revenues of $1,200: I've made about $150 so far this year on side hustles, with most of it coming in May and June. If I can keep up that pace, I should break my $1,200 goal.


  1. BGH,

    Nice job with the goals. I too am looking forward to the Kraft special dividend. Hopefully it is paid at the end of July. Moving from $14k to $20k for 2016 is going to take a monster effort from here. I wish you the best with that goal!


    1. MDP,

      I'm quite disappointed in my progress investing so far this year. I've been pretty lazy, unlike you. I'm now automatically adding 50 shares/week into a REIT ETF (KBWY) in order to get REITs to about 10% of my portfolio in a few more months. But I haven't made a regular stock purchase in 6-8 weeks. I've actually been a net seller as I rejigger things a bit. I've got a massive cash reserve and could hit nearly $20k in forward dividends once I get it all invested, but the value is in sectors that I don't think have quite bottomed yet (oil & gas, utilities, REITs). A true market correction would put me on a massive buying spree.