Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Goals: Q3 Review

My goals for 2014 were pretty aggressive. I tried to challenge myself. Without lofty goals and huge dreams, what's the point? As a results-driven person, I've got to have a destination in mind to succeed. My goals are clear for this year (and the next few years) - to retire early by building up passive income. So how have I done so far this year on meeting my goals? See below:

1) Finish the house renovation: Continuing to make progress, though summer always slows things down. I'm about 40% done painting the exterior of the house. We've also made huge progress on finishing the nursery for our baby girl.

2) Bench 275 pounds and work out more regularly: Summer again got in they way here, but I'm getting back to a regular 2-3 times per week schedule. I was getting up there in bench press weight, but the summer break has brought my strength back down a bit. 

3) Figure out what to do in early retirement: Still pondering...there are endless possibilities at this point, and it's fun to entertain each of them for a while. Getting a PhD and/or becoming a Realtor top the list at the moment.

4) Earn $10,000 of dividends in 2014: I've earned $7,631 in dividend income so far this year. With recent purchases (and a special dividend or two), I think I'll squeak by the $10,000 mark for the full year.

5) Have my portfolio primed to earn $12,000 of forward dividends by year-end 2014: With my portfolio currently at $12,838 for the next 12 months and three more months of purchases ahead, I have exceeded this goal. I've still got quite a bit of cash in my account after my unexpected mid-year raise, so a market pull-back or correction would be a great opportunity that I'm ready to take advantage of.


  1. Those are damn strong results! Keep pushing hard.


    1. Thanks! This has been a record year in a lot of ways for me. Looks like you're pushing just as hard this year (especially lately).

      I'm gearing myself up mentally for a major market pullback and the corresponding buying opportunity. I've been pretty good at buying aggressively on the dips and letting cash build until the next pullback. I think this could be a big one to end the year.

  2. Very awesome goals and you've achieved great results so far. It's very impressive with your dividend income, hopefully I can get to that point in the near future.

    1. Thanks, Tawcan. Getting dividend income isn't rocket science. It's about staying committed to putting excess capital into sound companies over a long period of time. I'm sure you'll get where you want to be by sticking to your plans.