Wednesday, May 28, 2014

$10,000 of Forward Dividends and First $1,000/year Position

I've recently hit two major milestones in my investment/saving career. First, I've surpassed $10,000 of expected dividends in the coming 12 months. And second, I've achieved $1,000 per year of dividends from a single position.
Due to time constraints, I've been horrible about providing timely updates on stock purchases and sales. That said, I've continued to be active in the markets. It's awesome to reach five figures of passive income. I should expect to get at least this level of dividend income forever. $10,000 goes a long way towards covering my expenses and takes a lot of pressure off of income from my day job. One of my goals this year is to earn $10,000 of dividend income, which will require me to continue to purchase actively throughout the rest of the year. I'll pretty much need to hit my $12,000 of forward dividends goal to achieve the $10,000 in 2014 goal.

And on one of my positions reaching $1,000 of dividend income alone - I couldn't be happier! My largest position (DAKT) recently increased their dividend by 11%. That, combined with a purchase of 250 shares on today's earnings miss and 15%+ price decline, pushed me just past $1,000 of expected dividends on DAKT. The company has enough cash on hand to fund the dividend for at least the next 3 years, but they'll continue to earn more money and reward loyal shareholders.

All-in-all, progress is being made here every day.

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