Thursday, November 21, 2013

Portfolio Update: What I've done since July

I haven't updated my Portfolio tab since July 7th! I've been very active in the markets since then, achieving $5,000 of forward annual dividends and making quite a few purchases. I've also chosen to make a tweak to how I present my portfolio to you.
First, on the presentation tweaks: I used to show my entire portfolio in all accounts besides my employer's 401k (taxable, ROTH, IRA). I've decided to only show my taxable account value going forward. My investing goal is to retire early and live off my passive income. Thus, the retirement accounts inflate my dividend income and are misleading to my early retirement timeline. The accounts I've removed accounted for ~$12k of the ~$130k portfolio value shown on July 7th.

Another tweak I've decided upon is to show my current cash balance within the investment accounts. I used to show just the value of the positions, but figured it's useful to share the full details of how I'm allocating my investment dollars. This cash value is not an emergency fund and does not constitute my full cash holdings. It is simply money I've dumped into my investment account and haven't used to make purchases. The yield next to the cash position represents the yield on my buy list and the potential income if I buy all the stocks on the list. The actual dividend income from using the cash horde will surely be different from the estimate, but it's fun to see what my cash could provide in income.

On actual portfolio updates:
1) I bought another 500 shares of DAKT, bringing my total to 2,050 shares. After the company increased the dividend by 50% and moved to a quarterly payout, I decided to add to my favorite position.
2) I added another 25 shares of DPS.
3) Purchased 150 shares of MO. I like the dividend yield and think the company will weather the tobacco storm.
4) Purchased 200 shares of CSCO. The stock got crushed on earnings and I needed some tech exposure.
5) Purchased 75 shares of MSFT. When they increased the dividend, I took a bite.
6) Added 50 shares of RIG after Carl Icahn's push motivated management to increase the dividend and create an MLP next year.
7) Purchased 50 shares of KRFT. I like the 4% yield and domestic story. Took a bite after the FDA news on trans-fats.
8) Purchased 50 shares of VZ after the Vodafone announcement.
9) Added 250 shares of CLMS. I like their cash position, buyback plan, and valuation. This is a name that I hope to add to over time.
10) Purchased 150 shares of HASI. I like the yield and will be adding to this position incrementally over the coming year.
11) Added 100 shares of CSQ, a closed-end fund from Calamos. It's the one that the insiders own in a big way, which means the high yield is defensible.
12) Sold my WDFC, VET, ADGE, and ROK positions.
13) The huge decline in BGG shares from 500 to 275 is not a sale. I just owned the balance of shares in my IRA.

There you have it, a brief overview of the changes I've made since July. I'll strive to be more transparent and provide updates as purchases/sales occur - and mention cost basis, rationale, etc. I've updated my Portfolio tab to show my current portfolio, as of today.

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