Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apologies for the extended absence

I'd like to apologize for my extended absence from posting. I used to use some dead time in my work day to post and update this blog, but ever since I figured out my job situtation (aka leaving the office earlier) I haven't really had down time while in front of a computer. I'm considering getting a keyboard for my iPad to write on the train - in my new down time - so stay tuned.
I've been pretty active in the stock market lately and will provide a brief overview of my transactions since July 7th (the last time I updated the Portfolio tab). Per my most recent submission, I've surpassed $5,000 in annual dividends! I also plan to post another Goal Update post for progress through the 3rd Quarter. Finally, at the risk of financial stuff becoming the sole focus of this site, it's about time for an update on the renovations at our house. We don't feel like we've done a lot, but we've sure worked hard.

So again, please accept my apology and look forward to a more normal posting schedule and a 75/25 split between financial topics and other stuff.

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