Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 Goal Progress through Q3

This year has flown by faster than any other I've experienced. It's already November, which means I'm way overdue for an update of progress on goals through Q3! I made some decent headway on my 2013 Goals during the 2nd Quarter and will look at progress through September 30.

1) Figure out my job situation.

Goal accomplished. 

2) Finish the new house.

Slowly making progress, nothing major to share. Pics on the way!

3) Spend more time with family.

It's college football season, which means lots of time with my brother, dad, and mom. We attend every home game and a few away games for our local university. I've also started a weightlifting regimen with my brother. My in-laws have been traveling a lot, so we haven't seen much of them. My wife and I also started a workout program, forcing us to struggle to get in shape together.

4) Get back into cycling.

No rides this year. Maybe if I use my trainer inside during the 4th quarter that will count...

5) Earn $5,000 in dividends.

In the 3rd Quarter I earned $1,037 of dividends. That's nearly $350 per month! So far this year, I've earned $2,458 of dividends. It's looking highly unlikely I'll get to my $5,000 goal for 2013, but that doesn't mean I've failed. As I shared in August, I've reached $5,000 of forward dividends. I set the bar really high this year and despite likely missing this goal, I'm proud of what I've accomplished. Missing this goal is also one of the least important. As long as I continue to invest my excess cash into the market (rather than waste it buying stuff) I'll be happy in 10 years, whether I hit some arbitrary amount of dividend income this year, next year, or the next year is not important right now.

So here we are. Three quarters of 2013 in the books and I've made tons of progress on most of my goals.

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