Monday, August 26, 2013

Major Milestone: $5,000+ of annual forward dividends!

My portfolio reached a major milestone today - over $5,000 of dividends expected over the next year. This means a decent chunk of money that I won't have to work for that can help cover living expenses forever.

I know I've been pretty bad about providing portfolio updates lately. I've been swamped at work and with our house renovation. Mind you, I've been investing like a banshee.

Today I bought another 500 shares of Daktronics (DAKT), my favorite company after they announced the prior semi-annual dividend would be converted to a quarterly dividend and increased by 50% on an apples-apples comparison. This is just another sign of a shareholder friendly company that returns excess cash to its owners.

I've also purchased stakes in Altria (MO), Roundy's (RNDY), Calamos (CLMS), and a few others here and there lately.

After all of these purchases, my portfolio value stands at $146k and my dividends are $5,316 - a yield of 3.65%. Let's end here by saying I'm one proud dividend investor today.


  1. Man that's some good stuff right there. Over $5k that you won't have to work for that should grow faster than just about any kind of raise you can expect from a regular job. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks. I'm pretty excited about achieving a level of passsive income that feels significant. At nearly $500 each month, it's not hard to imagine the snowball gathering steam. I've got a sizeable cash hoard and hope to hit $10k in dividends by the end of next year.

      Keep up the good work yourself!