Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Goal Progress through Q2

This year has flown by faster than any other I've experienced. It's already July! I made some decent headway on my 2013 Goals during the 2nd Quarter and will go through them line by line - just like after the 1st Quarter.

1) Figure out my job situation.

Goal accomplished. 

2) Finish the new house.

Slowly making progress, nothing major to share.

3) Spend more time with family.

I've played quite a bit of golf with my dad and brother, hung out with the whole family, and spent time with the in-laws at the lake house. I would like to have more time to do everything, but all things considered I'm doing fine on this goal.

4) Get back into cycling.

No rides yet. I prefer the scorching summer heat, which we have yet to experience in my neck of the woods. Plus, I've been busy golfing.

5) Earn $5,000 in dividends.

In the 2nd Quarter I earned $986.97 of dividends. This is over $325 per month! Times 4, this would give me Just under $4,000 of annual dividends - only modestly below what my forward annual dividends are for my portfolio. So far this year, I've earned $1,420.98 of dividends. I think of all of my goals, this one will be the toughest to reach. It's also one of the least important. As long as I continue to invest my excess cash into the market (rather than waste it buying stuff) I'll be happy in 10 years, whether I hit $5,000 of dividend income this year, next year, or the next year is not important right now.

So here we are. Two quarters of 2013 in the books and I've made tons of progress on most of my goals

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