Friday, June 14, 2013

Recent Buys & Sells

I've been busier than normal since I figured out my job situation last month, which has made writing more difficult. However, the lack of time to write hasn't changed my 2013 Goal of earning $5,000 in dividends. Thus, I've been buying stocks at an aggressive pace - considering the market run so far this year.
Since last updated, I've purchased:
   - 300 shares of PLOW.
   - 100 shares of DPS.
   - 12 shares of ROK.
   - 12 shares of CAT.
   - 150 shares of JE.
   - 15 shares of VET.
   - 500 shares of ADGE.

I've sold:
   - 2 shares of AAPL.
   - 50 shares of F.

These moves have increased my expected annual dividend income to $3687 from just over $3,000 and increased my dividend yield from 2.9% to 3.1%. I've got cash waiting for a pullback, but will continue to buy when opportunities arise.

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