Friday, May 10, 2013

Goal Accomplished: Job Situation Figured Out

It took longer than expected, but I finally overcame the "just one more week syndrome". I went to speak with my bosses earlier this week with the intention to either get a more flexible schedule or quit. It takes roughly two hours from our new home to my office, which is a crazy commute.
After getting over the initial shock that I'd surprisingly moved home (further from the city), both bosses grasped the magnitude of the situation and that I was prepared to resign. They said to give them a day to discuss options from their end. So I went back to them yesterday to hammer out an arrangement, which resulted in a workable solution.

While I was hoping to work from home as much as possible, they view being in the office as paramount to our success. Teambuilding, physical interaction, etc. The offset to this is they changed my office hours from 8-6 each day to "market hours", which is open from 8:30am until 3pm. I am responsible for getting work done on the train or at home, but where and how my work gets completed is irrelevant. I will be leaving my house pretty early (6:30am) each day to get to the office so early, but will also be getting home at least by 6:00pm most days. All-in-all, I think this solution could work.

The biggest benefit to me is that I don't have to get a new job. New jobs require learning about new office procedures, how to deal with new coworkers, and compensation questions. My wife and I were looking forward to taking a few months off this summer if I quit my job, but keeping my job pulls our retirement closer.

So this week I took a major risk, was ready to quit, and ended up working out a great arrangement with flexible office hours and no need to find a new job. If this isn't working after a few months, I'll revisit the situation, but I owe my bosses for being understanding, realistic, and flexible.


  1. This is a great story. I need to do something like this. I think I'll come up with a plan to address this around the end of this calendar year.

    1. It's amazing how a thinly veiled threat of quitting can create great outcomes. I've been building goodwill for 4 years - not complaining about lack of raises, flat bonuses despite promises each year that next year's bonus will be much larger, working like a dog, etc. Sometimes you need to cash in the accumulated goodwill and get non-monetary benefits that are easier to grant in these trying economic times.

  2. Sometimes those things work out...

    Two years ago, after an acquisition, I was laid off. Within a week I had a new job by connecting with a former co-worker.

    But after three months, the stress was too much so I quit without having a new job lined up. Everyone was incredulous: "What are you going to do??" they all asked.

    My answer was, and still is, "Something will come along, it always does!" And so it did. After six weeks, I was employed again.

    1. Anonymous,
      Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you're not scared of taking a bit of a risk - though I agree that things tend to work out. Optimism leads to great results. I hope your latest gig is your "dream job".