Friday, April 12, 2013

The "JUST ONE MORE" Syndrome

It's easy to be myopic when making major life decisions. The "just one more" syndrome is tough to combat. "I'll start to exercise in JUST ONE MORE week." "I'll start saving for retirement when I get JUST ONE MORE raise." "JUST ONE MORE month of this commute." It takes a lot of bravery and intestinal fortitude to overcome this condition. I'm struggling with it myself these days.

I've been saying "JUST ONE MORE" milestone before I fix my job situation since November when we moved into our new house. First, I was waiting for JUST ONE MORE annual bonus. Then, JUST ONE MORE chunk of my employer 401k match vesting in my account. Now, it's JUST ONE MORE business trip. Frankly, it's scary to quit a good paying job for the unknown. I've applied for a few jobs, but haven't heard back. My brother's lease in the city expires at the end of May, so that's my final deadline to figure this job situation out.

What's the cure for the JUST ONE MORE syndrome? You just need to say "this is it". Taking on the "DEADLINE" syndrome overcomes the JUST ONE MORE syndrome. It gives you finality and stops the cycle. If you know where to catch the DEADLINE syndrome, let me know. I'm in need of a bout with it.

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  1. BGH,

    I agree with you here. I bit the bullet a month ago by walking into my boss's office and saying I'm going part time or no time. His decision was no time. And I'm fine with that. I have things I want to do to get me started on the rest of my life and I was sick of delaying them.

    Nice work on making your schedule better and finally having that talk with you bosses.