Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ready to Drywall

After meeting with our contractor last weekend, we tore down all of the drywall in our living room and added new insulation in both the newly opened walls and the stud wall to the new laundry room. We're pretty much ready to drywall these two rooms and be able to say we've completed one of the many major projects in our new house.
I'm by no means an expert on insulation R-Values or how to make a home as energy efficient as possible, but I do know that higher R-Values mean more savings on utility bills. The contractor said to leave the old insulation in the oustide walls, but it was pretty old and sort of patchy. We decided to buy some standard R-13 insulation to replace whatever was in the walls. Apparently, the standard was R-11 until 2006  - though I'm sure the standard was much weaker back in the late '60's when our house was built. I feel pretty good about this new insulation. We'll also be adding a vapor barrier, which was not there and will further help keep our house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

My wife, the teacher, has this week off for spring break. I decided to take the week off as well, so we'll be attempting a few projects and trying to avoid paying professionals this week. Drywall day is tomorrow.  I might cut down a wall in the basement too, but we'll see.

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