Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Master Bath Demo

It's been a little while since I've provided an update on the progress we're making in our renovation. We spent the first few weekends are our new house ripping everything apart. We filled two dumpsters full of carpet, wood paneling, moldy drywall, and other disgusting stuff. We've been living on subfloor in quite a bit of our house since, though progress on the flooring situation is being made. We hired professionals to add a new wall and get everything ready to move our laundry room upstairs. In the meantime, we decided to demo the master bathroom over the weekend.

As you can kind of see in the picture below, the old shower was small (on the left side of the image). There was a big shelf on the right side where there is now a massive opening. Our plan is to make a new shower that goes wall-to-wall. We'll add two shower heads so we can shower side-by-side.

We've explored quite a few options for the shower walls - considering everything from tile to glass and other "typical" mediums. As of last night, we're strongly considering galvanized metal. It should be quite a bit cheaper and be a very unique look. As in this image below, we'll avoid the "rustic" look that would be so easy and endeavor to create a modern feel by making the rest of the room simple and sleek.

As part of the sleek look, the shower doors below are most likely what we'll install. We though about a glass wall with a hinged door, but I've heard the cost of custom-cut glass is pretty crazy. These doors are unique, modern, and extremely functional.

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