Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Goal Progress through Q1

The first quarter of 2013 flew by. I can't believe it's almost April! I decided quarterly updates on my 2013 Goals would be the appropriate level as most of the goals require time to pass to measure meaningful progress.

With no further rambling, here is my progress during Q1 toward meeting my 2013 Goals:
1) Figure out my job situation.

I have not made any progress on this. I did get some new data on working from home, basically making me think I'll need to find a new job. I'm giving myself this month to complete this goal.

2) Finish the new house.

This will still be tough, but during the quarter we installed the new floor in our master bedroom, demo-ed our master bathroom, prepped our living room for drywall, installed drywall and working on finishing up the painting of the new walls. (I'll post pictures when it's all done and cleaned up). We also did some more demo in the basement, but it's looked like a war zone down there for a while and the newest bit of demo isn't very measurable. We've got our contractor coming to work on putting the master bathroom back together in the next few weeks.

3) Spend more time with family.

It's been tough to spend more time with the family as I'm still living in the Big City during the week and have been busy with home renovation projects on the weekends. I did buy my golf pass yesterday, so my dad and I are all teed up to have a ton of bonding time. Once I fully move back home, I'm sure this goal will take care of itself.

4) Get back into cycling.

It's been winter, so no cycling yet. My favorite days to ride are the 90-100 degree days in the middle of July, with 100% humidity making it hard to breathe. So much sweat! Nothing beats the workout of riding in this type of weather.

5) Earn $5,000 in dividends.

So far, I've seen $434.01 of dividends hit my account. Multiplied by 4, this is only $1,600 of annual dividend income. My largest position pays semi-annual dividends in Q2 and Q4, so it's income is not represented here. Plus, I purchased over $16,000 of stocks this quarter. My Portfolio Tab shows my current holdings providing $2,784 of annual dividend income. I'll need to continue purchasing stocks this year at the same heady pace to get to $5,000 of dividend income. I think of all of my goals, this one will be the toughest to reach. It's also one of the least important. As long as I continue to invest my excess cash into the market (rather than waste it buying stuff) I'll be happy in 10 years, whether I hit $5,000 of dividend income this year, next year, or the next year is not important right now.

So here we are. One quarter of 2013 in the books and I've made tons of progress on the home renovation goal and the dividend income goal, but have a ways to go to fix the job situation and spend more time with my family. I think Q2 will be the most important quarter of the year. I'm going to figure out the job thing in April, maybe ride my bike a bit, continue to work on the house, and really enjoy time with my family. The Q2 update will be here before we know it.


  1. I've been meaning to get back to cycling as well. I exercised every day of my life until I hit 30 and now at 35/36... not so much.

    Look forward to seeing the house pictures.

    1. Gareth,

      I'm in the same situation. I did some form of exercise/physical activity until I got my first real job. Since then, I've been without time to exercise due to my long commute and long hours at the office. On the rare occasions when I do engage in a physical activity, I get sore and feel old. I'm hoping my simpler life back home and more normal exercise will bring back my youth.

      House pictures are coming.