Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Weekend Projects

God Bless America and our Presidents. Without either, I would not have had a three day weekend and the amount of time required to tackle a few home renovation projects. My wife and I really maximized the three day weekend by tackling the long awaited flooring project. We didn't finish all 1,000 square feet, but did get our master bedroom 95% complete. It's nice to be away from the dust and powder of subfloor (we tore out the stained/gross carpet when we moved in).

I ordered the new bamboo floor over 6 weeks ago. We had the previously mentioned issue with the wrong nail gun, and just didn't get around to the project last weekend. Saturday was a full work day and Sunday a half day. Both my wife and I are extremely sore from all of the bending, stooping, and general crouching required to install a floor. We are very proud of our work. See below for the finished product:
 Next weekend, we'll put up a final coat of paint on the walls and trim around the window. Then we'll finally be able to move our bed from the living room into the master.

Last week, we had our contractor remove a closet wall opening and build a wall a few feet further out for our new laundry room. We'll be giving up a bit of living space in the living room, but the large windows will ensure the room still feels large. The plumber is coming this week to run the gas and water lines.

God Bless America.


  1. Off topic, but for whatever reason your blog isn't updating in the "Blogs I follow" widget on my own blog. It shows your most recent post as "Before & After -- First House" from back in October. I'm on Blogger too so I'm not sure what the issue might be.

    Have you been publishing your posts differently since then? I was thinking you hadn't made any new entries lately but was surprised to see a whole bunch of content that Blogger hadn't picked up on when I clicked through to your blog site.

    1. Executioner,

      I had noticed that my entries weren't being updated on your blog too. I don't believe I've been doing anything differently, but will double check with the next post.


    2. Executioner,

      Just had a thought: maybe the url you used on your page was for the page of the post, not the homepage of the blog? That might explain why it's not showing when new entries are added?

    3. Yeah, I thought of that as well, but it points to the main page of your blog.

      I may try deleting your blog from my list for a few days, then re-adding it to see if the problem gets cleared up.