Monday, January 14, 2013

Work Travel: 55 hours in California

I've been lucky enough to travel all over the USA, Canada, and even to London for work. Some of the trips have been a great balance of work and play while others have been horrendously work-heavy. Even the trips where all I do is work aren't too bad if I leave and get home at reasonable times. I've made a few day-trips where I've had to leave obscenely early in the morning and/or arrived super late at night. Last week I had one of these work-heavy trips with a 7 hour airport wait, and my first true red-eye flight.

I left for San Francisco, California, on a Wednesday 3pm flight and arrived shortly before 7pm local time. I got to the hotel by 8pm and ordered room service. The morning was great as I slept in (for my local time zone) and was all caught up on e-mails and news before the 8am meeting to kick off the day. After the meeting, I had a great lunch at "Town Hall", which I'd highly recommend. The afternoon meeting was fine and dinner with a strategist was fascinating. All-in-all, a great day.

The next morning (Friday) I had to catch a 7am flight down to San Diego, which meant leaving the hotel at 4:45am. I had my first meeting of the day in San Diego and then rode a bus up north to Los Angeles. The best part of the bus trip was stopping for lunch at In-n-Out for a burger. The afternoon meeting concluded at 4pm and I headed to the airport for a 7 hour wait. My flight wasn't until midnight local time or 2am for me. I landed at 6am Saturday morning. I only survived the airport wait because LAX has free wifi. I watched Netlix on my iPad and avoided sleep for fear of missing my flight.

Needless to say, Saturday was a day requiring a nap. My wife and I picked up our new flooring in the morning and I napped all afternoon.

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