Monday, January 7, 2013

New Floor Ordered

After searching around town and trying to get our current hardwood floors matched, we got an idea of the cost and decided to choose another option. It would have cost $7-8/sq. ft. to match our floors. Thus, we will keep our current hardwood floors, which are apparently quarter-sawn oak with a darker inlay at the end of each plank. The areas of our house that had carpet will be replaced with a strand-woven bamboo flooring that is similar in color to our existing hardwood, but obviously a different species and slightly different look. We chose bamboo over hardwood after buying a few different samples from Lowe's. I conducted a few tests such as scraping with a nail, scraping with dog claws, and hammering. Bamboo showed the least amount of damage in each test. The cost will be about the same at about $4/sq. ft. We plan to install the flooring ourselves beginning next weekend.

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