Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two Shelves

My wife and I decided not to exchange gifts this year. We bought a house, new appliances, and have a major renovation underway. We have felt the related cash drain from these expenses and didn't feel adding another trinket would make our lives better. Rather than trinkets, we decided to create our dream closet in the master bedroom. 

We spent the 23rd removing the old closet hardware and painting 3 coats of new paint on the walls and trim - all fresh and white. On the 24th, we went back and forth between Menard's and Lowe's to determine which system and style fit our wants and budget. We used to have the very adjustable system and really liked it. The hardware for that particular style of closet is obscenely priced. We settled on regular bars and shelves, which appeared to be the lowest cost option and would give us everything we wanted in a closet. While looking at the shelf top options, we took a glance at the wire shelves and did some mental math to gauge prices. Lo' and behold: the wire shelves we preferred would cost about the same as the other option - so long as we affixed them to the wall rather than the adjustable system. I never once moved my old closet system once I got it how I liked it, so this didn't seem too big of a tradeoff. After opening gifts with my parents in the morning, we came back to my house to cook the ducks for lunch and decided to tackle a bit of the closet. In our minds, the project should take about 5 hours total. We had 2 hours to start while the ducks cooked, so we should be about halfway done. We got 2 shelves up and had to stop. TWO SHELVES in TWO HOURS! Who would have thought a closet would take so long to put together!? Anyhow, we have all day today to finish the closet. Here's what it looks like right now:

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