Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things that go "BUMP" in the night

Last night around midnight my two dogs started barking uncontrollably. While taking breaks to breathe, they tilted their heads listening for the source of the gigantic "THUD" sound across the house. I figured it was well enough to ignore, but the pups kept listening and my wife corroborated their intrigue. My wife was nearly in tears, full of fear, mainly driven by the dogs not accepting the discontinuance of the sound.

Being a good husband, I grabbed the nearest Louisville Slugger from beneath the bed and proceeded to investigate the noise. Tiptoeing through the house, I kept my eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary. I entered the room where the sound seemed to originate ready to strike, bat fully cocked, and also ready to run if a gun presented itself. Empty. So I troll over to the next room - empty. Room after room - all empty.

I returned to my wife and dogs in bed to break the news, "Family, we just had our first ghost encounter in this house." The pups found the joke funnier than my wife, still in tears. I convince her to accompany me through the ghost search around the house to put her mind at ease and sleep out the rest of the night. She begrudgingly follows along and we all fall asleep.

I have no clue what the source of the noise last night was, but trust it was something caused by the house shifting or any other plausible reason. Heck, maybe it was a ghost that ran away! In any event, the night was definitely one that won't be forgotten soon in our household.

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