Monday, November 19, 2012

The Importance of a Good View

As I've said before, what pushed my wife and I over the edge from wanting to go home "someday" to making the move now is the property at a great price that came up for sale. The place is/was not in good shape, at least aesthetically. The walls had cheap wood paneling. The bathrooms were dirty and outdated. I mean the previous owner left a ton of his old, dirty furniture for us to dispose of. So aesthetics did not make the sale. The bones of the home are great. We like the amount of space, size of the rooms, and overall layout. We will change some walls and room locations, but more for design choices than necessity. The real thing that made us buy now was the view. The entire back of the house is windows. We overlook the local golf course, so the great view will never be taken away. It's not often that properties with this type of view come up for sale, especially at attractive prices. Because the house's overall size and layout fits both our needs and wants, we felt it was worth the endeavor to basically gut the place and make the move back home now. We have spent our first few weekends of ownership ripping stuff out. We move in this weekend and will begin putting the place back together in the coming months. I work in an office with no windows, so the view matters to me.

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