Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moved - New House is Now Home

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday moving our stuff into our new house back home. We had to get 2 gigantic moving trucks, which was unexpected. We made a trip Saturday figuring we'd pick up the little that we couldn't fit on Sunday...but BOY WERE WE OPTIMISTIC! We ended up renting another giant truck and filling it nearly to the brim. I bet professional movers could have gotten the stuff in the truck on the first trip, but such is life. It felt amazing to sleep on my own mattress in my new house. Sitting here in the Big City now, I'm sad to be gone. I return Friday night to my wonderful place back home.

Also, my wife and I are spending our official last night in our old house tonight. Tomorrow is closing day and we want to reminisce about the great times and fond memories we'll keep of the old place. We'll literally have nothing to do but watch a DVD or two on our computer and wander through the empty house. It should be a grand old time.