Saturday, October 27, 2012

Before & After - First House

With my house being under contract, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the improvements and changes we made during our three years of ownership. I only have a few pictures of the "before", but will describe changes in words and pictures.

We started by painting the basement orange. The white really accentuated the wood paneling - a dated look. The orange makes the room feel more updated and is just a fun color.

Next, we painted the kitchen cabinets black from blue. The blue felt very "country" and we wanted a modern look. I think we achieved it. Recently, we added new countertops. We also painted the walls on the main floor tan instead of white.
The living room had two red walls and two white walls, like I said: we painted the walls on this level tan.

The last room on this level is the dining room. They had the bottom of the walls painted green (you can make it out in the picture with the red walls). We painted the bottoms blue.

And finally, this summer we painted the outside of the house. It had been tan, which looked ok but again - dated. The picture makes the green we chose look "neon", but it's actually a nice-looking "regular" green. We chose to lighten up the trimwork by painting it a tan vs. the dark brown before.

As far as things that didn't quite make the pictures, we replaced the old sinks/countertops in the bathrooms with granite and quartz. Also, repainted the ugly colors (golden yellow in one and light pink in the other) to be a modern greyish hue. I also replaced nearly every light fixture from the 1980s with sleek, modern fixtures. We repainted the bedrooms too.

If you think this sounds like a lot of work just wait until my houe back home gets completed. Talk about a total tranformation! We'll be ripping down walls, adding windows and doors, and completely gutting most of the house. How exciting!

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